Why do people buy luxury or sports cars ? They’re not worth it, they are all over $100,000 and they are not safe. For example instead of a luxurious Rolls Royce you should buy a Volvo. Sure its not luxurious, and not as comfortable but its almost $200,000 cheaper and its the safest car . Also it is better for the economy since its a 4 cylinder car. In the US alone the average of  accidents per year is 6,420,000. So you don’t want to waste a 100,000 dollar car in a car accident.


Automobiles are the most efficient and most popular method of transportation, because of this the most traffic is caused with cars. Once it was recorded that there was about 90 km of traffic! Therefore I think we should car pool more often. Car pooling is very efficient . It saves petrol , saves money ,causes less pollution , and causes less traffic.


Cars are detrimental to both humans and the environment.

In the U.S alone there was 5,419,000 crashes, killing 32,885 and injuring 2,239,000. Also CNN claims that 7 million people died because of pollution. Thats one out of every eight in the world. This is why I suggest you buy a Volvo it’s safe, it’s a four cylinder car, and it has a eco-drive system.  This system makes you avoid hard acceleration.This saved 15% of companies money that use this car.


Cars are amazing and horrible at the same time. They cause you harm and they cause you good. That is why I don’t suggest buying a car more than six cylinders, because they are just a waste of money and overall it only causes more harm to the environment.Also a big issue that causes a lot of car accidents and deaths are people who drive a car for fun. For example under age driving, drifting,racing, doing donuts. All of these things cause a lot of deaths worldwide and its not even worth it. I mean just get a driving simulator game and do all these things in the game. A car is made to transport you from one place to another not to play games with it . Under age driving is also very dangerous, because first they don’t no how to drive and if they do they wouldn’t have experience. Second like I mentioned before they would have fun with the car. My aunt’s car flipped just a month ago because a kid ignored a red signal. I think that there should be more strict rules and punishments for these things to prevent them.



Car bodies are made with aluminum since it’s lighter,cheaper, and it doesn’t rust when in contact with oxygen and water unlike Steel and Iron. Aluminium is light for better fuel efficiency, cheaper than other metals making the company pay less for each car, and doesn’t rust like other metals. Steel and Iron on the other hand are costly, heavy, and they rust quickly. With all these reasons a car company without a doubt would chose aluminium,but I think like some companies do, use Steel or Iron. Steel and iron are heavier,more expensive, and rust quickly but who cares about that if you’re in a car accident. Steel and Iron are strong and sustainable.There is always of course Carbon Fiber which is strong and lightweight but very expensive. So you’re better of with Iron or Steel . Also I think there should be roll bars in every vehicle,because every month or two I hear someone die by the car crushing him in a car flip. Also a feature that I think will remind/make more people wear their seat belts is that you have to fasten your seat belt in order for the car to start.




The first automobile was established in 1769 and it was a military tractor. It was invented by a French engineer,Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. At that time automobiles were powered by steam engines which is also how the trains and steamboats were powered. Steam engines work by boiling water. The steam of the water then goes through a hole in the engine called the High-pressure steam in. The Steam then pushes the piston letting the steam go through the cylinder and out the exhaust.How does this power the engine? Well this process repeats making the piston go back and forth moving the axle and making the car move. This  process works a bit like how a bicycle works if you push the pedal the bicycle will go faster. Thats how the engine works when you step on the gas pedal the steam goes through the High-pressure steam in and pushes the piston.

In 1866 the modern petrol-powered automobiles were created by Karl Benz whose company is now known as Mercedes Benz. The petrol engines work by burning petrol,first the petrol goes through the intake port then the valve cover opens allowing the petrol to go to the piston, the piston then goes down allowing more air and petrol. then the crankshaft and the connecting rod revolves and pushes up the piston to compress the petrol. Then the spark plug releases a electrical charge lighting up the petrol. The gasoline then creates an explosion pushing the piston down. Then the valve opens again and releases the air through the exhaust pipe.

Spark plug:Plug that produces a electric spark lighting the petrol in the



Valve cover:A cover that keeps the petrol from coming into the engine.


Automobile: A motored vechile made for transporting passengers


Established: show (something) to be true or certain by determining the facts.


Axle:An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear.

Piston:a disk or short cylinder fitting closely within a tube in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas, used in an internal combustion engine to derive motion, or in a pump to impart motion.

intake port:The passageway in a cylinder head leading from the intake manifold to the intake valve

Connecting rod:a rod connecting two moving parts in a mechanism

 revolves:moving in a circle around something.

compress: flatten by pressure